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International Cooperation Office

Postal address: P. O. Box 275-1, Beijing, the People's Republic of China

E-mail address:ico@cnncmail.cn

Division of Industrail Development

Phone Number:+0086 69359805


Cooperation for Swimming Pool Reactor(49-2)

Contact Person:Jiapei Yu

Phone Number: +86-10-69358534

Cooperation for China Advanced Research Reactor(CARR)

Contact Person:Huaichang Ran

Phone Number: +86-10-69359752

Cooperation for Miniature Neutron Source Reactor(MNSR)

Contact Person:Dan Peng

Phone Number+86-10-69358386

Cooperation for Beijing  Radioactive lon-beam Facility(BRIF)

Contact Person:YangPing Shen

Contact E-mail:ypshen@ciae.ac.cn