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  China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) was founded in 1950 and grew out of the Institute of Modern Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. A cradle of nuclear science and technology of China, we are an integrated nuclear R&D base that plays a fundamental, forward-looking, pioneering, and engineering role in the nuclear field. In 1958, we successfully built the first heavy-water reactor and the first cyclotron in China, marking China’s entry into the era of atomic energy. More than 60 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering once studied and worked at CIAE. We helped build more than a dozen important domestic nuclear institutions and factories, and cultivated over 10,000 key workers in various fields. We have thus gained a reputation as the "cradle" and "incubator" of the nuclear industry of China.

  Affiliated with the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), we are a fundamental and integrated nuclear R&D base, an important science think tank, a technical reserve pool, and a talent cultivation center. We have made significant contributions to China's nuclear science and technology innovation, nuclear industry development, and cultivation of talent in nuclear science and technology, forming multiple disciplines such as nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry, nuclear reactor engineering technology, accelerator technology, nuclear detector technology, isotope technology, nuclear safety, ionizing radiation measurement, nuclear fuel cycle, new energy, and new materials. We have developed a number of advanced new technologies and products centering around isotope, accelerator and nuclear security. We have edited and published such periodicals as Atomic Energy Science and Technology, Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemistry, Journal of Isotopes, and Journal of Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society. Since 1978, we have won about 2,000 awards such as the State Natural Science Award, the State Award for Invention, the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the Scientific and Technological Award of National Defense, the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Award, the China Skills Award, and the Scientific and Technological Award of the China National Nuclear Corporation; we have been granted more than 2,000 national patents, and won honors such as the National May Day Labor Award, the Capital Model Unit, and the National Home of Staff.

  Mission: Develop the nuclear industry, serve the country and benefit people

  Development vision: Become a leader in international nuclear technology development

  Development goals: To grow into a world-leading nuclear R&D base that serves the national strategies, leads the nuclear science and technology innovation, and supports the nuclear industry development

  Motto: Be devoted to the country's cause, and pioneering, rigorous and pragmatic