Division of BRIF Project


Beijing Radioactive Ion-beam Facilities (BRIF) is based on the existing tandem accelerator. A new 100MeV, 200µA cyclotron and an isotope separator on line will be constructed on the upstream and a new superconducting linear booster will be built downstream to form an accelerator setup. Each accelerator can be used alone or jointly. The cyclotron will be used for neutron physics, radiation physics, biology medicine studies and isotope R&D and so on. The proton beam from the cyclotron can also be used to bombard target-source to produce radiation beams which can be injected into the tandem accelerator to get more energy for experiments.

Division of BRIF Project consists of 7 function sections,i.e. Quality Assurance Section, Planning & Contract Section, Comprehensive Management Section, Commissioning Management Section, Purchase and Supply Section, Construction Management Section, Technology Management Section. It also possesses 2 research and design Sections, i.e. Cyclotron Research Section, Accelerator Engineering Design Section.

The Division of BRIF Project now employs more than 60 employees, among whom 3 are research fellows and professorship senior engineers, 13 are associated research fellows and senior engineers ,Senior research fellow Zhang Tianjue is the present director of the Division, and senior engineer Zhang Pingfa is the Party Secretary.

On April 28, 2011, BRIF Project Started Construction.