Research Facilities
     5SDH-2 tandem accelerator was imported from NEC (National Electrostatics Corporation), which the maximum terminal voltage is 1.7MV, and the maximum energy of the accelerated particles with uni-charge is 3.4MeV (2 multiplied by 1.7MeV). Proton and deuterium are mainly produced, which the maximum beam current is 50μA.
     In the past 10 years, mono-energy neutron reference radiation field and high energy gamma radiation field were established based on this accelerator. With different nuclear reactions, neutrons with the energy of 144keV, 250 keV, 565 keV, 1.2MeV, 2.5 MeV, 2.8 MeV, 5.0 MeV, 14.8 MeV and 19 MeV can be produced, which represent most of the energy points recommended by ISO 8529. The study on neutron fluence, neutron spectrum and neutron dose can be developed with the neutron reference radiation fields. Measurements of neutron nuclear data, calibration of neutron dosimeters, measurements and study on the energy response of various neutron instruments can also be done with the neutron reference radiation fields, after which the calibrated devices and necessary data can be provided for the study and development on nuclear technical equipments. For example, the nuclear reaction of ~(19)F(P, γ)~(16)O can be used to establish 6.13MeV high-energy gamma reference radiation field, which provides the guarantee for the calibration of gamma dosimeters from nuclear reactor or nuclear power station. Related scientific research can also be carried out with the proton and deuterium beam produced by the accelerator.