Division of CARR Project


     China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR) is a 60 MW multiple purposes research reactor .The maximum undisturbed thermal neutron flux of CARR is 1×1015n•cm-2s-1in central region of reactor core and 8×1014n•cm-2s-1in heavy water reflector. There are nine horizontal channels and twenty-six vertical channels in the reactor. Division of CARR Project was founded in 1997.

     The Division consists of 7 function sections, i.e. Quality Assurance Section, Financial Management Section, Comprehensive Management Section, technology Section, Purchase and Supply Section, Construction Management Section , and Commissioning Section.

     The Division of CEFR Project now employs 50 employees, among whom 30 are research fellows and professorship senior engineers. Senior research fellow Shi Yongkang is the present director of the Division, and senior engineer Li Gongban is the Party Secretary.

     CARR will be used for research in fields such as nuclear physics and chemistry, neutron scattering experiments, testing of reactor materials and nuclear fuels, neutron activation analysis, neutron radiography, and for the production of radioactive isotopes and neutron-doped silicon.

     CARR successfully realized the first criticality on May 13, 2010.