CNNC Unveils DHR-400 in CIAE

 CNNC formally released its independently developed 400 MWt District Heating Reactor (DHR-400) (codenamed as YANLONG in Chinese) used for heating of districts in a grand ceremony held in CIAE on 28 November, 2017. CIAE’s 49-2 reactor, a pool-type light water reactor which served as a demonstration reactor of the DHR-400 program, achieved 168 hours’ consecutive safe supply of heating on 9:28 the same day. The demonstration testified feasibility and safety of heating supply using low-temperature pool-type reactor, and will provide robust technology support for subsequent design and development of low-temperature pool reactors for heating purposes. It is estimated that a 400 MWt YANLONG is capable of heating a construction area of up to about 20 million square meters, equivalent to 200,000 three-bedroom houses.

The ceremony, which was presided by manager assistant Li Xiaoming of CNNC, was attended by nearly 200 representatives from various areas or institutions across the country. Liu Hua, vice minister of Ministry of Environment Protection and head of National Nuclear Safety Administration, said in his speech that nuclear energy based heating supply would more effectively optimize energy structure,alleviate worsening energy shortages facing China, and reduce air pollutant as culprit of hazy weather raging in northern China in winter, thus safeguarding environment and people’s health. He hoped that CNNC would fully demonstrate the technology, and carry out in-depth research in nuclear & radiation safety and public acceptance so that it will not miss any key technical details and provide credible evidence on safety and reliability of the technology to convince the public in acceptable languages, thus founding basis for the follow-up application of the technology in urban heating. QianZhiming, chief manager of CNNC, said that the release of YANLONG embodied CNNC’s active response to the State Council’s call of safeguarding the blue sky and implementation of the development concept of innovation, coordination, open, green and sharing. He emphasized that CNNC has determination, confidence and ability to acquire license for YANLONG and initiate construction in earliest possible time to fulfill its responsibility and mission to create wonderful life and favorable environment for our people.

YANLONG is a safe and green reactor product for heating cities in northern China in winter. It is based on pool-type research reactor with more than 50 years’ experience of safe operation and has achieved considerable maturity in technology. It operates in low temperature and normal pressure without the need of off-site emergency, and is featured with zero-emission, zero core-melting, easy decommissioning and low investment requirement. YANLONG, with lifetime up to 60 years, is also very flexible in site selection, suitable to both inlands and coastal districts. In addition, YANLONG is advantageous in economic efficiency, price of heat supply far superior to gas-based heating and comparable to heating by coal-based cogeneration of heat and power. The reactor can realize thorough decommissioning and the site can be restored to green reuses.

The consecutive 168 hours’ heating-supply by the 49-2 reactor is the first step of the CNNC’s three-step strategy of heating supply using pool-type low-temperature reactor:(1)1st step: demonstration & verification; (2)2nd step: establishing demonstration project; (3) 3rd step: commercial application. CNNC initiated the demonstration program based on the 49-2 reactor in April, 2017, and achieved effective heating supply for two office buildings and 49-2 building on 20 November, 2017, realizing expected targets. Following such encouraging results, CNNC will step up to implement its plans of the second step strategy: establishing demonstration project.

Figure-1 Release Ceremony of DHR-400

Figure-2 Liu Hua, head of National Nuclear Safety Administration, delivers his speech at the ceremony

Figure-3 QianZhiming, Chief Manager of CNNC, addresses at the ceremony