CIAE Hosts Sino-US Exchanging Meeting on Measurement of U Age

Experts attending the Sino-US exchanging meeting on measurement of U age

Sino-US exchanging meeting on measurement of Uranium age was held in CIAE from 10 to 11 April, 2017. It brought together 5 US experts from institutions including the Department of Energy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory, and related experts from the Department of Radiochemistry of CIAE to focus on comprehensive technological summarization of a bilateral cooperation program, namely “Technology for Measurement of U/Th Age“. During the meeting, the two sides reviewed the bilateral cooperation on the technology, and exchanged their views on draft paper to be published jointly.

 The two sides also deeply discussed cooperative work to be conducted in the next stage and formulated agenda for the upcoming activities. In addition, they presented and discussed potential cooperation areas such as database of nuclear forensics, measurement of MOX fuel age and standard material development, and reached basic consensus.

The meeting is one of the working plans of Workgroup on Nuclear Safeguard & Security which was organized under Sino-US Framework Agreement on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology (PUNT). Earlier in 2013, the workgroup initiated the cooperation program. The success of this meeting shows that, through joint efforts of the two sides in the past three years more, the workgroup has been steadily promoting related work to progress, and other cooperative programs are expected to be launched in the near future.