Automatic γ–Ray Scanning Device: A Brand New Imaging Method

 An automatic γ–ray scanning device developed by CIAE passed acceptance-examination by an expert team on 14 April, 2017. The expert team, headed by academician Chai Zhifang, was organized by the Ministry of Public Security, P.R.C. It was composed of 17 members from 10 institutions including Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Tsinghua University, Ministry of Environmental Protection, etc.

The device, by adopting a brand new imaging method through scanning, is capable of quickly detecting radiation contaminated areas. It matches hot spots with images of real circumstances to generate hot-spot distribution figures and to preliminarily identify nuclides, thus providing ground for location, search and subsequent disposal of radioactive materials. Such a device, imaging through scanning, is the first of its kind in China.

The development of the device, funded by the Ministry of Public Security, was undertaken by researchers from the Department of Nuclear Technology of CIAE. Comprehensive presentations in the examination meeting and onsite demonstration of the device convinced the experts that the device satisfied technology specifications prescribed in the concerning mission contract. They believed that the device succeeded in overcoming two key technology challenges, namely rapid imaging though scanning and onsite measurement of dosage rate.