An international symposium held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of “First Reactor and First Cyclotron (FRFC)” in China
Indigenous Co-60 products firstly exported in scale
CNNC Unveils DHR-400 in CIAE
Another Milestone in Ghana’s LEU-fueled MNSR: Full-Power Operation Witnessed
“Is the Dispersion Relation Applicable for Exotic Nuclear Systems?” Scientists from CIAE Find the Answer.
LEU-fueled MNSR in Ghana Achieves First Criticality
CIAE Hosts Sino-US Exchanging Meeting on Measurement of U Age
Automatic γ–Ray Scanning Device: A Brand New Imaging Method
CNNC Signs Agreement with Iran on Modification of IR-40
Experts from AMEC Foster Wheeler Visit CIAE for Academic Exchange
CIAE Successfully Manufactures Vertical Tunnel of Cold Source for CARR
CIAE Drafts Initial Safety Analysis Report on Birine Reactor of Algeria
CIAE Wins Bidding to Supply 9mev Accelerator
Engineers of CIAE Succeeds in Replacing Sodium Level Meter of CEFR
Conductive Rubber Developed by CIAE Fills the International Technology Gap
CIAE’s Radioactive-Substance Inspection System Deployed in Malaysia for Nuclear Safeguard
Solution Measuring System of CIAE Successfully Deployed in the National Demonstration Center of Nuclear Safeguard
CIAE Makes Significant Progress in Study of Symmetry of Isospin
CIAE Wins 10 Prizes of Defense Science and Technology Award, 2015
CIAE’s Preliminary Analysis Report on Failed Fuel Rods of Daya Bay NPP Passes Experts’ Review
CIAE Wins Bidding of TES Cement Solidification Program of CGN
Rhodium Self-powerd Neutron Detector is tested in CARR
First Round Hot Test Completed in CRARL
CEFR Re-synchronized to the Grid
Chinese Nuclear Society Holds the Third Academic Convention in Sichuan Province
Another Important Article of CIAE Is Published in Physics Letters B
Experimental Facility of Virtrification by Cold Crucible Operates for 30 Hours Running
CFR-1000 passes inspection of CNNC
CIAE succeeds in joint test of on-line isotope separator and HI-13
China’s first neutron texture diffractometer finds way in industrial applications
Program jointly applied by CIAE and iThemba gains sponsorship
CIAE’s new research method on hexadecapole deformation parameters highlighted by Physical Review C
Construction and technology transfer of JSA fully completed

CIAE participates in the 10th China Nuclear Energy Congress

CIAE issues qualification certificates for the first DT-25 sealed neutron tubes

University of Saskatchewan is permitted to use beams of HI-13
CEFR restarts and completes 2 tests
CEFR Passes Experts’ Verification
Neutron Spectrometer of CARR Generates Its First Diffraction Image
Delegation from Russia Pays visit to CIAE
Zhou Liulai Appointed as the New CPC Secretary of CIAE
HI-13 Tandem Accelerator of CIAE Achieves 100,000 Hours’ Safety Operation
Vice Secretary of IAEA Pays Visit to CIAE
CIAE Signs Procurement Contract with ZHEJIANG University
Vice Manager of ROSATOM Visits CIAE
Vice Secretary of IAEA Visits CIAE
CARR Achieves Full Power Operation
The Fourth Workshop on Hadron Physics in China and Opportunities in US
Xu Mi Elected as Academician of CAE
Alexander Bychkov, Deputy Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency visited CIAE
CIAE Hosts “Sino-Canada Symposium for Nuclear Physics & Radioactive Ion-beam Facility”
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Visits CEFR
Vice Minister Li Ganjie Inspects CIAE
Minister Wan Gang inspects CIAE
CEFR starts generating power
President of JSC “SSC-RIAR” Visits CIAE
Development of Magnetic-Controlled Faraday Cup Succeeds in CIAE
The Research Program of “Anti-radiation Experimental Technology for Key Electronic Equipment of Spacecraft” Commences at CIAE
National Safety Inspection Team for Research Reactors Inspects CIAE
The First Member Meeting of China Fast Reactor Forum & Strategic Alliance for Technology Innovation of Fast Reactor Industrialization Opens
CIAE’s Container Inspection System Wins the Bid for World Horticultural Exposition
CIAE HI-13 Tandem Accelerator Upgrading Project Starts Construction
Commissioning of China Reprocessing and Radiochemical Laboratory (CRARL) to Start
Zhang Dejiang Visits CIAE
Premier Wen Visits CEFR Exhibition Stand
Academic Committee of National Energy Fast Reactor R & D Center Created
Sino-German Joint Laboratory of Neutron Scattering Established between German Forschungszentrum Jülich and CIAE
Strategic Alliance of Technology Innovation for Fast Reactor Industrialization Created in Beijing
CEO of ESS visits CIAE
Wan Gang appointed as the new President of CIAE
CIAE marks 60th anniversary
IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano visits CIAE
Bill Gates congratulates CEFR’s first criticality
Criticality for China Experimental Fast Reactor