Hadron Physics has drawn great interests from the Chinese nuclear and high energy physics community and has becoming an integral part of the physics program at the new facilities (BESIII@IHEP, HIRFL-CSR@IMP) in China. Moreover the Chinese collaboration is playing an increasingly important role at the international hadron physics facilities, in particular, at the 12 GeV energy upgraded Jefferson Lab in US. The 12-GeV energy upgrade at Jefferson Lab (JLab) in US will provide a wide range of opportunities for frontier research in hadron physics. The Chinese collaboration is thriving to be a key part of the new physics program. In light of these new developments, this fourth workshop will be held at KITPC, Beijing China, July 16- July 20, 2012, to discuss the current status, to promote further development of hadron physics in China and to further enhance the collaboration between the Chinese and the US hadron physics communities. For registration and accommodation, please see the registration form. We kindly invite you to register the workshop whether or not you have registered the KITPC program. Otherwise, you will be not able to join the events provided by the workshop.