Safe, secure, and sustainable solutions to the management of nuclear spent fuels and radioactive wastes are critical to the viability and continuing growth of nuclear power and other peaceful nuclear application. Mature nuclear energy program in the East Asian area are all faced with such challenge. At March 2011, the disaster of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant warned us again the important of safety and security of nuclear peaceful application. Although each of these programs has developed its own technology base, implementation strategy and infrastructure, the urgent needs for further technology enhancement on radioactive waste management and implementation of radioactive waste disposal are common to all. Enhancing international collaboration will definitely benefit all participants through the sharing of knowledge and expertise, as well as other intangible benefits such as public comprehension on safety issues and support of the establishment of repositories. Recognizing these facts, several research organizations in the East Asian area agreed to hold the East Asia Forum on Radwaste Management (EAFORM) to enhance future cooperation. EAFORM is principally opened to all the research organizations and others related to radioactive waste management. The purpose of EAFORM is to promote information exchange to share knowledge and to encourage international collaboration in a bilateral or multilateral mode.

To strengthen the above EAFORM objectives, the “EAFORM Management Committee” was organized to coordinate the interactions and communications among the institute. EAFORMs have been held biannually since 2006. The first EAFORM was held in Chinese Taipei (2006), and the second EAFORM was held in Japan (2008), the 3rd EAFORM was held in Gyeongju, Korea (2010). The 4th EAFORM will be held in Beijing, China on Oct.13-16, 2013. We are delighted for your participation and we hope you experience an enjoyable conference.