List of Scientific Publication in Chinese in 2004


1 Science and Technology in China, 2004

1) Progress in nuclear power-fast breeder reactor, p.30.

  XIAO Xunze


2 Modern Scientific Instruments

1) Determination of multi-elements in biological sample by technology of microwave digestion, No.5, p.37.

  ZHANG Lihua, XIAO Guoping, SONG You, LIU Junling, ZHAO Lifei


3 Chinese Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Vol.24, 2004

1) Experimental study of 103Pd stents for preventing the restencsis of biliary duct, No.6, p.369.

  GAO Qin-yi(Department of Nuclear Medicne, The first Clinical Hospital, China Medical University) , et al.  XU Shu-he


4 Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry

1) Chemiluminescent immunoassay for thyroid-stimulating hormone, No.7, p.893.

  YIN Dongguang(Department of Life sciences and Bioengineering, Beijing University of Technology),  HE Youfeng, LIU Yibing, SHEN Decun, HAN Shiquan, GUAN Guoying, LUO Zhifu, et al.


5 Science & Technology Review, 2004

1) On the complexity and research of nonlinear complex networks, No.2, p.9.

  FANG Jingqing, et al.


6 Chinese Journal of surgery of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine, Vol.10, 2004

1) Protective effects of huangbai oral solution on respiratory injury induced by inhalation

anethetic-en-fluran, No.1, p.1.

  ZHANG Ji-heng (Wuhan Frist Municipal Hospital), et al.  MEI Cong-biao


7 Labeled Immunoassays & Clin. Med., Vol.11, 2004

1) Study of chemiluminescence characters of DMAE·NHS, No.3, p.163.

  YIN Dong-guang(Department of Life sciences and Bioengineering, Beijing University of Technology),  HE You-feng, LIU Yi-bing, SHEN Decun, HAN Shiquan, LUO Zhifu 


8 Journal of Putian University, Vol.11, 2004

1) Some advances in chaos-based seurity communication, No.3, p.38.

  FANG Jin-qing


9 Acta Agriculturae Nucleatae Sinica, Vol.18, 2004

1) Biological effects intuced by the inner-target reaction of accelerated 7Li3+ ions with wheat embryo, No.2, p.89.

   YANG Jun-cheng(Institute of Soil and Fertilizer, Chinese Acadey of Agricultural Sciences), et al.  YU Wei-xiang, et al.  ZHAO Wen-rong, BAI Xi-xiang


10 Environmental Protection of Chemical Industry, Vol.24, 2004

1) Preparation of powdery polyphosphate ferric sulfate, No.5, p.373.

  LIU Zhirong, LIU Dejun, GU Zhongmao, et al.


11Chinese Rare earths, Vol.25, 2004

1) Synthesis, characterization and thermal decom position reaction kinetics of Dy complex derived from furfural-DL-α-analine, No.1, p.41.

  LIU De-Jun, et al.  LIU Zhi-rong


12 Radiation Protection Bulletin, 2004

1) Brief introduction to space radiation dosimetry, No.1, p.5.

  RONG Chaofan, CHEN Jun, WANG Zhiqiang, LIU Yina

2) Evolution of emergency concepts and inform ation showed by the revised edition of

 “IAEA-TECDOC-953”, No.1, p.11.

  XIA Yihua

3) Overview of cavity ionization theory, No.3, p.

  REN Xiaona (China Institute of radiation Protection), XIA Yihua, et al.

4) Dissection and revelation of food chain and dose module for terrestrial pathways in RODOS, No.3, p.1.

  CHEN Xiaoqiu(nuclear Safety Centre, SEPA), ZHANG Yongxing


13 Chinese Journal of Lasers, Vol.31, 2004

1) Experimental investigation on ablation character of capillary discharge, No.5, p.538.

  CHENG Yuan-li(National Key Laboratory of Tunable Laser Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology), et al.  YANG Da-wei


14 Journal of Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry(Natural science), Vol.19, 2004

1) On-line analysis of trace water in argon gas of glove-box, No.4, p.11.

  MA Shi-shen, WEN Xi-meng

2) Determination of microamount moisture and oxygen in atmosphere of glove-box for analysis of sodium metal, No.4, p.14.

  WEN Xi-meng


15 Computer Measurement & Control, Vol.12, 2004

1) Control system of miniature neutron source nuclear reactor in Shenzhen University, No.8, p.753.

  ZHAO Haige (Joint Institute of Applied Nucler Technology, Shenzhen University), et al. 



16 High Power Laser and Particle Beams, Vol.16, 2004

1) Imaging of UV laser beam and soft X-ray using a commercial CCD camera, No.2, p.185.

  MA Jing-long, MA Wei-yi, ZHOU Chuang-zhi, HU Feng-ming, GONG Kun, SHAN Yu-sheng,  WANG Nai-yan

2) Device of capillary discharge with pre-pulse and main pulse to excite soft X-ray laser, No.6, p.733.

  ZHAO Yong-pen(National Key Laboratory of Tunable Laser technology, Harbin Institute of Technology), et al.  YANG Da-wei

3) Control of beam halo-chaos using neural network self-adaptation method, No.9, p.191.

  HUANG Guo-xian(College of Physics and Information Engineering, Guangxi Normal University), et al.  FANG Jing-qing

4) Control of beam halo-chaos via exterior magnetic field self-adaptive control, No.9, p.1 206.

  GAO Yuan(Department of Electronic Information and control Engineering, Guangxi University of technology), et al.  FANG Jin-qing, et al.

5) Trigger delay system in capillary discharge device with pre-pulse and main-pulse to excite soft X-ray laser, No.10, p.1 255.

  WU Hui(Electric engineering Department, Harbin Institute of Technology), et al.  YANG Da-wei


17 Journal of Astronautics, Vol.25, 2004

1) Achievement of high LET values and its application in study of SEB effect, No.4, p.453.

  LI Zhi-chang, LI Shu-yuan, LIU Jian-cheng, GUO Ju-yu, ZHAO Kui, et al.


18 Journal of Guangxinormal University, Vol.22, 2004

1) The effect of the zero-current phase advance on the control of beam halo-chaos in high intensity linacs, No.1, p.6.

LIAO Gao-hua(College of Physics and Information Technology, Guangxi Normal University), et al.  FANG Jin-qing


19 Speciality Petrochemicals, 2004

1) Synthesis of butyrylhexanoylimide, No.5, p.36.

  LIU Zhirong, LIU Dejun, GU Zhongmao, et al.


20 Journal of Instrumental Analysis, Vol.23, 2004

1) Recent progress of inorganic trace analysis by mass spectrometry, No.2, p.110.

  ZHOU Tao, LI Jin-ying, et al.

2) The instrumental analysis of atmospheric particulaters, No.3, p.132.

  ZHOU Qiang(Key Laboratory of Coal Resources, Ministry of Education, China University of Mining & Technology), et al.  LI Jin-ying


21 Chemical Industry Times, Vol.18, 2004

1) Synthesis and identification of diaurylimide, No.7, p.26.

  LIU Zhirong, et al.  GU Zhongmao


22 Jouranl of sichuan University,(Natural science Edition), Vol.41, 2004

1) The appraise ment of neutron soller collimator, No.5, p.1 003.

  XIE Chao-mei (Institute of Physics science and technology, sichuan University), ZHANG Bai-shen,

et al.  XUE Yan-jie, CHEN Dong-feng, et al.


23 Universityatis Pekinensis(Acta scientiarum Naturalium), Vol.40, 2004

1) Effects of Neutron irradiation on nanodia mond: raman spectroscopy study, No.2, p.212.

  GUO Yarjun(Department of Geology, School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University), et al.  LI Yongzhang


24 Journal of Hunan Agricultural University (Natural Sciences)Vol.30, 2004

1) Application of heavy ion beam in maize mutation breeding, No.4, p.385.

  LUO Hong-bing, ZHAO Kui, GUO Ji-yu, NI Mei-nan, SUI Li, KONG Fu-quan, LU Xiu-qin,



25 Journal of Unviersity of Science and technology Beijing,Vol.26, 2004

1) Synthesis of perovskite synroc by SHS for immobilization of high level radioactive, No.5, p.487.

  ZHANG Ruizhu(Materials Science and Engineering School, University of Science and Technology Beijing) et al.  ZHANG Hua


26 Acta Petrolei Sinica, Vol.25, 2004

1) Lithology identification based on wavelet pocket theory during drilling, No.3, p.91.

  WANG Qian-long(School of Energy and Power Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University), WANG Ye,  et al.


27 Chin. J. Radiol. Med. Prot., Vol.24, 2004

1) Dietary intake and burden of lanthanide in main organs and tissues for Chinese man, No.1, p.1.

  ZHU Hong-da (Institute of Radiation Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College), et al.  ZHANG Yong-bao, et al.  WANG Ke

2) Modeling dose ration over the surface of cylindrical radiomodelsusing Mont Carlo Methods , No.1, p.61.

  XIAO Xue-fu, et al.  WANG Zhong-qi, MA Guo-xue, et al.  WANG Chao-hui, et al.  

WEN Fu-ping, WANG jun

3) Concentrations of 37 elements in main organs and tissues for 52 cases of Chinese man, No.3, p.211.

 ZHU Hong-da (Institute of Radiation Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College), ZHANG Yong-bao, et al.  WANG Ke, et al.

4) Burdens of 37 elements in main organs and tissues for 52 cases of Chinese man, No.4, p.304.

  ZHU Hong-da (Institute of Radiation Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College), ZHANG Yong-bao, et al.  WANG Ke, et al.


28 Acta Physica Sinica, Vol.53, 2004

1) Study of relational nuclear databases and online services, No.9, p.2 919.

  FAN Tie-shuan (Institute of Heavy Ion Physics, Peking University and Key Laboratory of Heavy Ion Physics) , et al.  LIU Tin-jin, et al.  HUANG Xiao-long, et al.

2) The simulation of ionic radial density in high intensity ion beam, No.12, p.4 126.

  BAI Long(College of Physics and Information Technology, Guangxi Normal University) et al. 

FANG Jin-qing, et al.


29 Acta Metallurgica sinica, Vol.40, 2004

1) Measurements of hydrogen diffusion coefficient for tube samples at medium and high temperatures, No.4, p.393.

  LIU Shi(Institute of Metal research, The chinese Academy of Sciences), et al.  YANG Hongguang


30 Polymer Materials Science and Engineering, Vol.20, 2004

1) Fourier filtering technique application to the structure analysis in semicrystalline polyethylene terephthanlate, No.4, p.20.

  HAN Fu-tian(Chinese National Analytical Centre), GUO Li-ping


31 China Nuclear Science and Technology Report, 2004

1) Advances in complexity of beam halo-chaos and its control methods for beam transport networks, CNIC-01763, IAE-0209.

  FANG Jinqing

2) Control of beam halo-chaos using neural network self-adaptation method, CNIC-01764, IAE-0210.

  FANG Jinqing, et al.

3) Technology of antibody immobilization on solid phase and its’ application in immunoassay, CNIC-01779,IAE-0211.

  WANG Yanzhen, YAN Qiangfen, ZHOU Leng, GUO Yonggang, HE Youfeng

4) The projectile X-ray AMS system and its applications at CIAE, CNIC-01787IAE-0212.

  HE Ming, JIANG Shan, JIANG Songsheng, WU Shaoyong, GUO Gang

5) Radiation survey and management on the reconstructed radioactive work-site, CNIC-01803, IAE-0213.

  YU Tao, LIANG Shiqiang, WANG Youmei


32 Journal of Chinese mass Spectrometry Society, Vol.25, 2004

1) Recent developments on secondary ion mass spectrometry, No.2, p.113.

  ZHOU Qiang (Key Laboratory of coal Resources) 

2) Study on determination of 2-fluorobenzioc acid in oilfield brain for waterflood tracing by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, No.3, p.155.

  SUI Yan-ying, LI Jin-ying, ZHANG Pei-xin

3) Analysis of components in coating material in fusion-fission hybrid reactor by secondary ion mass spectrometry, Suppl. p.7.

  WU Chang-ping, LI Jing, WANG Lin-bo, ZHAO Yong-gang, LI Jin-ying, LI An-li

4) Analysis of irradiated Hf isotope by mass spectrometry, Suppl. p.169.

  ZHANG Chun-hua (Nuclear Power Institute of china), et al.  JANG Shan, YIN Xin-yi

5) Determination of samarium isotope abundance by multicollector-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, Suppl. p.183.

  ZHOU Tao, LI Jin-ying, ZHAO Yong-gang, ZHANG Ji-long, et al.

6) Prepare of 36Cl standards for AMS, Suppl. p.199.

  WU Shao-yong, JIANG Shan, HE Ming, GUAN Yong-ying, LIU Jun-ling, ZHOU Tao

7) Applications of accelerator mass spectrometry system in China Institution of Atomic Energy, Suppl. p.219.

  HE Ming, JIANG Shan, WU Shao-yong, DONG Ke-jun, GUAN Yong-jing, LI Shi-hong

8) Progress on the gas-filled time-of-flight method, Suppl. p.221.

  GUAN Yong-jing, et al.  HE Ming, et al.  WU Shao-yong, DONG Ke-jun, JIANG Shan

9) The simulation of experiment spectrum for medium-heavy nuclides in accelerator mass spectrometry, Suppl. p.231.

   WANG Hui-juan, GUAN Yong-jing, He Ming, et al.  WU Wei-ming, JIANG Shan


33 Chinese Journal of spectroscopy Laboratory, Vol.21, 2004

1) Evaluation of the uncertainty for the measurement of trace Sm in solution by ICP-MS, No.3, p.427.

  Jiang Yong-qing, LI Jin-ying


34 Chinese Journal of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Vol.24, 2004

1) World nuclear power once again in the spotlight—Comments on the 13th pacfic basin nuclear conference, No.1, p.1.

  ZANG Ming-chang (China Power International Holding. Ltd.)RUAN Ke-qiang

2) Survey of 99Tc migrating action in simulated geological conditions, No.1, p.6.

  LIU De-jun, FAN Xian-hua, ZHANG Ying-jie, YAO Jun, ZHOU Duo

3)Research on the performance and the experimental energy calibration of charged particle spectrometer-identificator, No.1, p.12.

  YU Gang, LI Xiao-qiang, SHA Jian-jun, YU Jin-nan, ZHANG Wei-guo, et al.

4) Auger electron energies and their absolute intensities calculation associated with electron capture decay, No.1, p.20.

  ZHOU Chun-mei, HUANG Xiao-long, WU Zhen-dong

5) The development of low activation martensitic steels for fusion reactor, No.1, p.56.

  HUANG Qun-ying (Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), YU Jin-nan, et al.

6) Retrospection of development for radioisotope power systems in space and its prospect of application in new century, No.2, p.97.

  CAI Shan-yu, HE Shun-yao

7) Recoils spectrum and distribution in SiCf/SiC composites irradiated by neutrons, No.2, p.139.

  YU Gang, LI Xiao-qiang, SHA Jian-jun, YU Jin-nan, XU Shu-yan, CAI Chong-hai

8) Adsorption behavior of 99Tc in Ca-bentonite, No.2, p.144.

  LIU De-jun, FAN Xian-hua, ZHANG Ying-jie, YAO Jun, ZHOU Duo, WANG Yong

9) Surface analysis of CLAM steel, EUROFER97 steel and W irradiated in HT-7 tokamak, No.2, p.157.

  LI Qiang (Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei of Anhui Prov.), et al. 

YU Jin-nan, et al.

10) Probabilistic safety assessment of china experiment fast reactor (level I) identification and grouping of initial events, No.3, p.211.

   YANG Hong-yi, XU Mi, et al.

11) The neutron integral transport dynamic equation, No,3, p.249.

   ZHANG Yu-shan

12) Benchmark testing for zirconium of CENDL-3, No.4, p.351.

   WU Hai-cheng, LIU Ping


35 Journal of Radiation Research and radiation Processing, Vol.22, 2004

1) AFM observation of DNA molecules and their double strand fragments broken by α-particles, No.2, p.106.

  NI Meinan, ZHAO Kui, SHI Li, MEI Junping, GUO Jiyu, et al.

2) The effect of  γ-ray on extraction of U(VI) by tri-isoamylphosphate, No.5, p.285.

  CHENG Qian (Depariment of chemistry, shanghai University), et al.  YE Guo’an, ZHANG Xianye

36 Nuclear Power Engineering, Vol.25, 2004

1) Some problems of neutron source multiplication method for site measurement technology in nuclear critical safety, No.2, p.101.

  SHI Yong-qian, ZHU Qing-fu, HU Ding-sheng, HE Tao, YAO Shi-gui, LIN Sheng-huo

2) Verification of the design of sub-critical device for accelerator driven system, No.4, p.337.

  YU Tao(School of Nuclear Science & Technology, Nanhua University), SHI Yong-qian, XIA Pu, et al.

3) Dynamic analysis of power regulation system for China experiment fast reactor, No.5, p.399.

  GUO Wen-qi, ZENG Hai


37 Journal of Isotopes, Vol.17, 2004

1) Dual-wavelength spectrophotometry determination of micro amounts of Indium (Ⅲ) in Radioactive 111InCl3 Solution, No.1, p.31.

  YE Zhao-yun, SUN Ya-qing, LU Rong

2) Establishment of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for free triiodothyronine(FT3), No.1, p.39.

  CUI Su-zhen, HAN Shi-quan, GUAN Guo-ying, HOU Hui-ren, LI Li-bo, ZHANG Li-ling, XU Wen-ge,  LIU Yi-bing, WANG Yu-xiao

3) Apparent activity measurement of 125I seed source for medical use in chamber, No.1, p.43.

  JIN Xiao-hai, BAI Hong-sheng, FAN Hong-qiang, YIN Wei, GAO Hui-bo, LU Wei-wei

4) Experimental studies of prevention of TIPSS shunt stenosis with low dose 103Pd stents, No.1, p.47.

  GAO Qin-yi (Department of Nuclear Medicine), et al.  XU Shu-he

5) The establishment of immunoradiometric assay for CA15-3 in human serum, No.2, p.74.

  YAN Qiang-fen, LIANG Rui-peng, WANG Yan-zhen, HE You-feng

6) The preparation of immunochromatographic stripe of methamphetamine, No.2, p.79.

  JIANG Jing, LIU Yi-bing, ZHOU Ling, et al.  GUO Wei-zheng

7) Determination of radiochemical purity of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose injection, No.2, p.104.

  YE Zhao-yun, QI Xiu-zhen

8) The establishment of solid phase radioimmunoassay for quantitative determination of hepatitis B core antibody, No.3, p.143.

  GUAN Guo-ying, KONG Fan-xin, WANG Yan-zhen, LIU Yi-bing

9) Gene expression in proliferative smooth muscle cells apoptosis of canine biliary duct induced by γ radiation, No.3, p.152.

  GAO Qin-yi (The First Clinical Hospital, China Medical University), et al.  XU Shu-he

10) The production of fission 99Mo using a solution reactor, No.4, p.247.

   WANG Gang, XIANG Xue-qin, FU Hong-yu, LI Bao-long, HE You-feng


38 Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemistry, Vol.26, 2004

1) Hydroxyurea reaction with HNO2 and Pu(Ⅲ) stabilization, No.1, p.1.

  ZHU Zhao-wu, HE Jian-yu, ZHANG Ze-fu, SONG Tian-bao, LIN Min, ZHENG Wei-fang

2) Study on adsorption of 99Tc on Fe, Fe2O3 and Fe3O4, No.1, p.23.

  LIU De-jun, FAN Xian-hua, ZHANG Ying-jie, YAO Jun, ZHOU Duo, WANG Yong

3) Study on radiation degradation of hydroxylamine derivatives  Ⅱ. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of light hydrocarbons produced by radiation degradation of N,N-diethyl hydroxylamine,  No.1, p.48.

  WANG Jin-hua (Shanghai Applied radiation Institute, Shanghai University), et al.  ZHANG Xian-ye,  HU Jing-xin, YE Guo-an

4) Synthesis, characterization and thermodecomposition kinetics of Gd(Ⅲ) complex with

2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde-4-aminoantipyrine, No.1, p.56.

  FAN Yu-hua, et al.  LI Jin-ying

5) Study on leaching behaviors of pyrochlore-rich synroc under simulated disposal conditions, No.2, p.65.

  ZHANG Hua, YNAG Jian-wen, LI Bao-jun, LUO Shang-geng

6) Separation, purification of 177Lum and preparation of 177Lum-EDTMP, No.2, p.84.

  CHEN Da-ming, et al.

7) Determination of uranium isotopes ratios in soil by ICP-MS and TOPO extraction chromatography, No.2, p.88.

  JI Yan-qin, LI Jin-ying, LUO Shang-geng

8) Study of separation of Cs and Rb with precipitation process, No.2, p.95.

  YANG Zhi-hong, YANG Lei, DING Yon-qian, ZHANG Sheng-dong, CUI An-zhi, GUO Jing-ru

9) Study on radiation degradation of hydroxylamine derivatives Ⅲ. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of hydrogen and carbon monoxide produced by radiation degradation of N,N-diethyl hydroxylamine, No.2, p.103.

  WANG Jin-hua (Shanghai Applied Radiation Institute, Shanghai University), et al.  ZHANG Xian-ye,  HU Jing-xin, YE Guo-an

10) Determination of dispersity of crushed granite, No.2, p.108.

LIU De-jun, FAN Xian-hua, ZHANG Ying-jie, YAO Jun, ZHOU Duo, WANG Yong

11) Separation of rare earths from uranium by anion exchange with pre-exclusion of loading solution under pressure and determination by ICP-MS, No.2, p.118.

   JIANG Yong-qing, LI Jin-ying, et al.   LIU Jun-ling

12) Role of neutron activation analysis in metrology of modern inorganic trace analysis Ⅰ.Qualification of neutron activation analysis(NAA) as a primary ratio method of measurement, No.3, p.129.

   TIAN Wei-zhi, NI Bang-fa, CHEN Xi-lin, WANG Ping-sheng, ZHANG Lan-zhi, HUANG Dong-hui,  LIU Cun-xiong, ZHANG Gui-ying, LIU Li-kun

13) Influence of packing material and method on the efficiency of liquid phase water-hydrogen isotope exchange, No3, p.162.

   RUAN Hao, HU Shi-lin, ZHANG Li, HU Zhen-zhong, DOU Qin-cheng

14) Study on the hydrolytic and radiolytic stabilities of N,N,N’N’-tetrabutyl-3-oxa-pentanediamide, No.3, p.189.

   ZHANG Xiao-lan(Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences), et al.  YE Guo-an, ZHANG Xian-ye

15) Role of neutron activation analysis in metrology of modern inorganic trace analysis Ⅱ.Parametric NAA an ideal “back-up”method for relative NAA, No.4, p.193.

   TIAN Wei-zhi, NI Bang-fa, WANG Ping-sheng, CHEN Xi-lin, LIU Cun-xiong, ZHANG Lan-zhi,  ZHANG Gui-ying, HUANG Dong-hui, LIU Li-kun

16) Stable noble gas isotopes released from reprocessing plant used for nuclear safeguards, No.4, p.198.

   ZHANG Xiao-zhi, LIU Da-ming, LI Jin-ying, LI An-li, JIN Xiao-hai

17) Preparation and preliminary evaluation of 125,131I labeled human recombinant annexin V, No.4, p.209.

   CHEN Da-ming, JIN Xiao-hai, QI Ben-zhong, LUO Zhi-fu, JIA Bing, et al.  YANG Hong-wei,  ZHANG Jin-rong, DU Jin, et al.  WANG Fan

18) Rapid determination uranium in reprocessing process, No.4, p.230.

   ZHANG Li-hua, GUO Kui-sheng, LIU Huan-liang, WU Ji-zong

19) Determination of Pu and total alpha activity in spent TBP/kerosene, No.4, p.234.

   LIU Quan-wei, XIAO Guo-ping, WU Ji-zong, YANG Da-ting

20) Application of anion exchange method in the purification of 99Mo, No.4, p.249.

   FU Hong-yu, WANG Gang, XIANG Xue-qin, LI Bao-long, MA Hui-min


39 Radiation Protection, Vol.24, 2004

1) Measuring results of an emergency survey and comparison of activity in watchband contaminated by 60Co, No.1, p.36.

  XIAO Xue-fu, et al.  GAN Lin, et al.

2) Models for leaching behavior of HLW vitrification form, No.5, p.331.

  ZHANG Hua, LUO Shanggeng


40 Nuclear Physics Review, Vol.21, 2004

1) Scaling laws of nuclear halos, No.1, p.1.

  LIU Zu-hua, ZHANG Xi-zhen, ZHANG Huan-qiao

2) ALICE/PHOS photon discrimination simulation, No.1, p.12.

  ZHOU Jing, MENG Qiu-ying, LI Xiao-mei, ZHOU Shu-hua

3) Nuclear data sensitivity of minor actinides on accelerator-driven burner system, No.1, p.70.

  LIU Ping, ZHAO Zhi-xiang

4) Transport theory for many-body system——anomalous diffusion, No.2, p.83.

  ZHUO Yi-zhong

5) Relativisstic random phase approximation, No.2, p.90.

  MA Zhong-yu

6) Quark transversity distribution and nucleon’s tensor charge, No.2, p.93.

  HE Han-xin

7) Reflection asymmetric shell model for octupole nuclei, No.2, p.130.

  CHEN Yong-shou

8) Limiting fragmentation and Φ meson production at RHIC, No.2, p.142.

  SA Ben-hao, SU Zong-di, et al.

9) The dynamics of molecular motor, No.2, p.177.

  ZHAO Tong-jun (Depatment of Physics, Hebei Univeristy of Technology), et al.  ZHUO Yi-zhong

10) Accelerator mass spectrometry in nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics, No.3, p.210.

   HE Ming, JIANG Shan, DONG Ke-jun, WU Shao-yong

11) Study of M1 mutagenic effects of heavy ion irradiation on maize seeds, No.3, p.238.

   LUO Hong-bing, ZHAO Kui, GUO Ji-yu, SUI Li, NI Mei-nan, MEI Jun-ping, LU Xiu-qin,

ZHOU Ping, KONG Fu-quan

12) Elastic recoil detection analysis of α-Si1-xCx:H thin films, No.3, p.249.

   ZHOU Ping, LU Xiu-qin, GUO Ji-yu, ZHAO Kui, WU Wei-ming, SUI Li, NI Mei-nan, MEI Jun-ping,  LUO Hong-bing, LIU Jian-cheng

13) Data evaluation of prompt γ-rays from neutron capture, No.3, p.258.

   ZHOU Chun-mei

14) Enhancement of total reaction cross sections for 27,28P with a 28Si target and examination of possibly relevant mechanisms, No.4, p.267.

   LIU Zu-hua, RUAN Ming, ZHAO Yao-lin, ZHANG Huan-qiao, YANG Feng, MA Zhong-yu,

LIN Cheng-jian, CHEN Bao-qiu, WU Yue-wei, et al.

15) Current progress of nuclear astrophysics study and BRIF at CIAE, No.4, p.276.

   LIU Wei-ping, LI Zhi-hong, BAI Xi-xiang, WANG You-bao, LIAN Gang, ZENG Sheng,

YAN Sheng-quan, WANG Bao-xiang, ZHAO Zhi-xiang, ZHANG Tian-jue, TANG Hong-qing,  YANG Bing-fan, GUAN Xia-ling, CUI Bao-qun

16) High spin-states of 122Cs and 134Ce in A=130 neutron-deficient region, No.4, p.315.

   ZHU Sheng-jiang (Department of Physics, Tsinghua University), et al.  WEN Shu-xian, ZHU Li-hua,  WU Xiao-guang, LI Guang-sheng

17) Lifetime measurement of high spin states in 171Ta, No.4, p.336.

   ZHANG Zhen-ling, ZHU Li-hua, WU Xiao-guang, WANG Zhi-min, HE Chuang-ye, WANG Yue,  MENG Rui, MA Rui-gang, CUI Xing-zhu, LI Guang-sheng, WEN Shu-xian, et al. 

YANG Chun-xiang

18) Study of high spin states in odd-odd nucleus 90Nb, No.4, p.339.

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