China Institute of Atomic Energy, it’s predecessor was the Institute of Modern Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was founded in 1950. CIAE is the cradle of nuclear science and technology in China, and also a comprehensive R&D base which is in a leading, fundamental and forward looking position in nuclear field. It now has a total staff of 3200, including 6 academicians in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, over 70 doctorate postgraduate tutors, and over 700 senior engineers. Famous scientists including Wu Youxun, Qiam Sanqiang, Wang Ganchang, Dai Chuanzeng, Sun Zuxun and Fan Mingwu were appointed the president of CIAE successively. Senior researcher Zhao Zhixiang is the current CIAE president.
    CIAE is composed of five departments: Department of Nuclear Physics, Department of Reactor Engineering, Department of Radiochemistry, Department of Isotope, and Department of Nuclear Technology Application, under which research divisions or centers are set up; seven engineering technology and research divisions including Division of Tandem Accelerator Upgrading Project, Division of Engineering Technology for Tandem Accelerator Upgrading Project, Division of CEFR Project, Division of CARR Project, Division of Radiochemical Experimental Facility Project for Spent Fuel Reprocessing, Division of Radiation Metrology, and Division of Health Physics; and over 20 industrial entities including Beijing Atom Hightech Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuanfeng Scientific Development Corporation, Machining Shop, Electronic Instrumentation Plant. In addition, China Nuclear Data Center, China Fast Reactor Research Center, National Tandem Accelerator Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Key Laboratory of Safeguard Technology of China Nuclear Industry, First-level Radioactivity Measuring and Monitoring Station of COSTIND, National Isotope Engineering Technology Research Center and Postgraduate School of China Nuclear Industry are also set up in CIAE.

    Over 50 years, CIAE has made great contributions to the development of national defense, national economy, and nuclear science and technology under the correct leadership and kind attentions of the CPC Central Committee and competent authorities. It has become a multi-disciplinary scientific research institute involving nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry, reactor engineering technology, accelerator technology, nuclear electronics and detection technology, isotope technology, radioactivity metrology, nuclear safeguard technology, and radiation protection technology. CIAE has cultivated a large number of professional talents, won over 1200 national and ministerial awards, developed a batch of hi-tech and products dominated by isotope and radiation technology, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.