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 CNNC Signs Agreement with Iran on Modification of IR-40
     China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) and China Nuclear Energy Industry Corporation, two subsidiaries of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)...

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CIAE Hosts Sino-US Exchanging Meeting on Measurement of U Age
Automatic γ–Ray Scanning Device: A Brand New Imaging Method
CNNC Signs Agreement with Iran on Modification of IR-40
Experts from AMEC Foster Wheeler Visit CIAE for Academic Exchange
CIAE Successfully Manufactures Vertical Tunnel of Cold Source for CARR
CIAE Drafts Initial Safety Analysis Report on Birine Reactor of Algeria
CIAE Wins Bidding to Supply 9mev Accelerator
Engineers of CIAE Succeeds in Replacing Sodium Level Meter of CEFR
CIAE participates in the 10th China Nuclear Energy Congress
The 4th East Asia Forum on Radwaste Management in Beijing,China
The Fourth Workshop on Hadron Physics in China and Opportunities in US
CIAE Hosts “Sino-Canada Symposium for Nuclear Physics & Radioactive
The Ninth Sino-Russia Fast Reactor Coordination Meeting Held
CIAE Undertook the Training Class of IAEA Asia Pacific Region
           Annual Reports